The Iowa Great Lakes Safety Council is offering a 25-thousand dollar reward for information that brings the arrest and conviction of the operator of a boat involved in a fatal hit-and-run collision early Friday on West Lake Okoboji. The safety council’s Steve Dulin is overseeing the reward fund.He says the council put up the first five-thousand dollars and many other people quickly offered more. 51-year-old Michael Brosnahan, a Perry dentist, was killed in the wreck and his wife, Jill, was severely injured. Four other people on the boat were not hurt when the other boat struck Brosnahan’s boat from behind and ran over it. Dulin says it will be difficult to nail down the hit-and-run boat.He says the boat will be hard to find because it may have very little damage, even though the other boat was heavily damaged. Dulin says law enforcement has a big chore ahead in trying to locate the boat. There are thousands of boats on the lake and many boat ramps. He says it’s easy to load up and take off, and with fishermen on the lake at all hours, it wouldn’t be suspicious for someone to be loading their boat at 2 A.M., when the accident happened.