Two Iowa flood experts are headed to Louisiana to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Governor Tom Vilsack says the state responded quickly after getting the call for help.He says they were asked to provide experts with managing flood damage, flood control and flood aftermath as a result of the experiences of the state after the floods of 1993. Vilsack says he expects other states in the gulf region will call Iowa’s Emergency Management team too. He says Iowa will be more than happy to provide assistance to other states if they request help. In other hurricane related news, the governor says he’s asked the U.S. Justice Department to investigate high gas prices to ensure there’s no gouging going on . He says he sent a letter to the U.S. Attorney General asking the Justice Department to make an inquiry to assure Iowans and Americans that the cost of gas absolutely reflects the market cost. He says “We need reassure, and we believe the Justice Department can provide that reassurance.” The governor is also asking Iowa’s Congressional delegation to be sure there are enough funds to help low income Iowans pay higher heating costs. He says he is asking the congressional delegation to make sure that the low income heating and assistance program is fully funded. Vilsack says there’s a concern that as Congress deals with the budger, the heating program won’t get the attention it needs.Vilsack says higher heating costs will mean more people need help.