The two major electricity companies in Iowa are asking you to make a change in your light bulbs to save energy. Allan Urlis of MidAmerican Energy says they’re encouraging you to use compact fluorescent light bulbs. He says conserving and managing energy benefits you, the utility companies and the environment. With compact fluorescent light bulbs, he says you’ll use up to 75-percent less electricity than the conventional light bulbs and he says that prevents more than 500 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. The campaign is called “Change a Light, Change the World,” and encourages you to use the compact fluorescent light bulbs in the rooms where you’re most likely to turn on the light.He says in the average home the most used lights are in the living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom. Urlis says you need to use compact fluorescent bulbs with the “Energy Star” label and you can get a rebate. He says there’s a rebate at participating stores including, Ace Hardware, Hardware Hank, Menards, Mills Fleet Farm, True Value, Do It Best, Hy-Vee and many independent stores. He says you can purchase the bulbs for as little as 99 cents after the rebate. It might seem strange that companies that sell electricity are trying to get you to conserve, but Urlis says it’s better in the long run for everyone.He says by managing the amount of energy that’s consumed, they delay the need to spend money to build additional power plants. He says if they don’t have to spend more money building new plants, it’s a better deal for the customer. Alliant Energy is also taking part in the program.