U-N-I quarterback Eric Sanders will miss this weekend’s game with Indiana State. Sanders suffered an ankle injury in the second quarter of the Panthers 24-21 loss at Missouri State. Junior college transfer Dexter Hill will start the game.

U-N-I coach Mark Farley says you can’t lose the number one passer in the country based on pass efficiency and not have to make some adjustments. Farley says Sanders was having a tremendous season, but now they have to get the second best passer ready. Farley is confident the offense will still be effective, as Hill has the same support cast as Sanders. He says the upside is that they’re coming back home and some people will have to step up a little more.

Farley says there won’t be major changes on offense. He says they’ll bring the same game, but he says you can’t ask Hill to do everything Sanders did, as he says Sanders was making plays. Farley says Hill has to be his own quarterback and they have to play to his strength.