Another report shows Iowans will be paying a lot more this winter to heat their homes. The latest state data shows the price of natural gas was 148 percent higher on October 13th than it was on the same date last year.

Alan Goldberg is the supervisor of the energy section in the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. “We recommend, as we always do, that consumers make improvements to their home,” Goldberg says. “Efficiency helps lessen the blow.” The Iowa Utilities Board has predicted Iowans will pay up to 56 percent more this winter to heat their homes with natural gas.

Experts say just caulking or installing weather-stripping around windows and doors can save the average consumer 10 percent on their heating bills. The price of propane is 25 percent higher now than it was at this time last year and experts predict people who heat their homes with number two heating oil will pay about 33 percent more this year compared to last.

Goldberg says the D-N-R is hosting a winter fuels forum this week. It’ll start at 10 o’clock on Thursday and will be held in Des Moines in the Wallace Building auditorium. It’s in the copper-sided building just northwest of the statehouse. Find more information on-line at