An eastern Iowa law enforcement agency is thought to be the first in the state to launch a program designed to help track down people, like Alzheimer’s patients, who have a tendency to wander away from home. Captain Mike McGregor, of the Scott County Sheriff’s Department, says the special wrist bracelets send out a radio signal which can be easily tracked. The range is up to five miles and they can track the signal within two-feet of the wristband. It’s called Project Lifesaver and it costs 300-dollars to get into the program. Captain Mike Brown says the bracelet is similar to those that might be used by someone under house arrest, but they’re not as cumbersome. Captain Brown says the program is ideal for all sorts of people. He says it could be utilized by elderly people, especially Alzheimer’s patients, special needs children or anyone else who might need to be tracked by a loved one. Brown hopes other law enforcement agencies in the region buy into the program and offer the service to a wider segment of the population.