The State high school football championships are underway in Cedar Falls and the top ranked team is the eight-man champion. Glidden-Ralson became the first school to win and 8-man and 11-man championship with 35-26 win over Lenox in the 8-man title game. They finish at 12-0, while Lenox ends the season as runnerup and 11-1.

North Mahaska is the class A champion avenging a lost last year to West Bend Mallard by winning 21-6. North Mahaska’s
Levi Ferguson finished off the football season with the record for rushing yards, touchdowns and points, but says getting the big trophy as the Class A state champion is most important. He says, “I can’t even explain it right now, you know it’s just awesome to come out here. It’s the last game you know, I’m ever gonna get to play in high school and um, just to go out on this note right here state champion, a state championship. It just doesn’t get any better.”

Ferguson had 145 yards and two touchdowns, but that wasn’t his focus. He says he’d be just as happy if he didn’t have any yards and they won the game as he would if he had a season high. Ferguson ends his career with seven-thousand-142 yards, 64 touchdowns and 416 points.