Cops in Creston may be stopping young people out in public this season, to make sure they have warm heads and hands. They’re gathering accessories to hand out, an idea that came to chief dispatcher Jo Duckworth as the weather grew cold.

She’s hoping to get hats and mittens for kids — preferably new — to do something to celebrate the holiday season. Duckworth says she hopes they can “spread the warmth of the season maybe a little longer than Christmas.” Duckworth is also secretary to the Creston Chief of Police, and says they’ll make it easy for people to donate new hats and gloves.

They can bring them to Creston’s law-enforcement center, which is open round the clock. They’ll hang the caps and gloves on a tree, and Duckworth says officers will be in charge of distributing the cold-weather accessories. They’ll keep an eye out for kids walking home from school who don’t have head or hand coverings, and will distribute them individually. If there are many donated, they’ll likely also work through the schools to give them out. The collection and distribution of warm mittens, gloves and hats will continue as long as people keep donating them.