With temperatures warming up across Iowa today and snow sliding off the roof around the base of your house, it’s a good idea to make sure your gas and electric meters are kept clear of snow and ice. Alliant Energy spokeswoman Karmen Wilhelm says it’s a simple thing to do which, in turn, helps not only the meter reader but the home-owner.

Wilhelm says it will assure your furnace and heating systems work properly, and it helps meter readers ensure that you get an accurate bill. She says a little help from homeowners goes a long ways. Wilhelm says meter readers walk an average of ten to 15 miles a day to check customers’ meters and it can really slow them down to encounter a meter that’s covered with ice and snow. If they can’t get to the meter, then an estimated bill will be sent out.

Another suggestion that applies year-round, Wilhelm says to make sure your pets aren’t chasing the meter reader around the yard. She says the readers don’t know if pets are friendly or not, so keep them tied up. For more winter safety tips when dealing with your utility service, you can look on-line at “www.alliantenergy.com”.