Next week’s Outback Bowl will bring to an end the coach-player relationship between a father and his son. When Iowa tangles with Florida it will mark the final time that Hawkeye center Brian Ferentz suits up for his father, Kirk. Ferentz says he feels extremely fortunate because he says you miss so much of your kid’s events when you coach.

Ferentz says it has not been that difficult coaching his son. He says mainly because there’s the insulation of having a line coach between them. He says he’s only been accused of acting like a parent one time and that was after his injury. Ferentz says his son called him out on that.

Brian says he is happy he made the choice to play for the Hawkeyes. He says it’s exactly what he thought it would be. He says it’s hard to describe, but has been fun and he thinks productive.

Brian says while it worked in his situation it is not something he would recommend to every player who has a similar opportunity. He says it would depend on the situation, as he says it wasn’t always easy. He says there’s “a sideshow” that comes with it and he says it doesn’t know if he’d recommend it.
After taking Christmas off the Hawks return to the practice field in Tampa later today. The Gators will arrive im Tampa, today.