The administrator of the State Racing and Gaming Commission says the commission won’t take any stand in the controversy over the Touch Play lottery machines. Jack Ketterer says people have called the commission because they think the machines are the same as slot machines, but he says the commission has not control over them.
He says this is a lottery issue and it has nothing to do with the Racing and Gaming Commission.

Ketterer said after the commission’s meeting this morning (Thursday), that the commission will wait to see what the Governor’s task force on the issue says.
Ketterer says, “It’s a good representation on the task force and I think they’ll do a good job, and make a recommendation to the governor, it’ll go to the legislature and they’ll decide what they think is best from a public policy standpoint.” Ketterer says the Racing and Gaming Commission’s only action was to draft a letter to people who call with concerns to direct them to the Iowa Lottery or the Iowa Gaming Association. Ketterer says they drafted the letter so they have a consistent response to all questions on the issue.