Authorities in Nebraska have confirmed that the grandfather of a western Iowa teen convicted in a fatal housefire last March has been arrested on child-abuse charges. Dee Wilkerson, Chief of Police in Clay Center, Nebraska, says he’s been following the case against 63-year-old Frank Street since 1991, long before charges were filed against his son Brian Street.”I think Frank is probably the kingpin of the whole thing,” the chief says. Frank Street is charged with two counts of child abuse and two counts of sexual abuse, but the chief won’t name the alleged victims.

Diane Street separated from her husband when the case of Tracy Dyess went to court, with the teen testifying that she set fire to her home because she was molested by her father, Frank Street’s son. Diane Street says she believes her husband physically abused Tracy and her twin sister, but did not sexually abuse them.
Diane Street says once tests are done it’ll be proved the accusations of sexual assault against the girls aren’t true. Diane says the girls told Tracey‘s attorney they were coached to say Frank had abused them, by their biological father, Mike Dyess. And, Diane says Tracey lied about what happened the morning of the fire, March 31st, 2005.

Diane says detectives and fire investigators told her that Tracey had intended to kill all four members of the family. In fact she says, the teen kept a notebook with step-by-step details written down, on how to get the deed done. She says the notebook lists needed items like a can of gas, saying goodbye to everybody, “set the fire, wait five minutes for it to burn good, go across the street, have ’em call 9-1-1, come back and stand on the sidewalk and put on a good show.”

Diane Street says the girl meanwhile had letters already written to her and other relatives before the fire happened, informing them that “Brian, Debbie, Jessica and Caleb had all been killed in a fire.” 13-year-old Jessica and 6-year-old Kaleb died in the fire.

Diane says Brian Street did nothing to save her granddaughter. “Brian jumped up and ran out the door, right past my granddaughter and just left her there to die, regardless of what he said,” Diane Street declares. “Like the detective said, you can’t get ‘im for bein’ a coward.” After Frank Street learned he was being sought and turned himself in, he was arraigned Wednesday and is currently being held in the Clay County, Nebraska jail.