A Democrat from Cedar Rapids is proposing a series of measures to encourage Iowans to conserve energy including tax rebates for buying energy efficient products, like cars and furnaces. Representative Rob Hogg, a Democrat from Cedar Rapids, says his plan would offer rebates to Iowans who buy vehicles that get more than 27-and-a-half-miles-per-gallon. “I have a personal standard,” Hogg says. “I don’t like to buy vehicles that get less than 30 miles per gallon.”

The second most important thing Iowans can do to save energy is to install a more efficient furnace in their home, according to Hogg. In addition, Hogg would give tax credits to developers who use more energy efficient construction materials and techniques and provide two-million more dollars to the state program that helps low-income Iowans make their homes less drafty and more energy efficient. “It’s a start to propose the legislation,” Hogg says. “I recognize that the whole thing probably won’t pass this year, but I think there are pieces that can.”

Hogg says if it’s done right, and meets the goal of cutting Iowans’ energy use by one percent per year — that’s 100-million dollars in annual savings for Iowans. Iowans currently pay about 10-billion dollars a year for energy.