State and federal agencies are taking part in National Consumer Protection Week which began Sunday. Bob Brammer, a spokesman for Iowa’s Attorney General, says they’re using some on-line games to try and educate people about potential scams. He says you go to “” and there are some games that give you some basic information about scholarship scams or identity theft.

Brammer says the games are aimed at people of all ages. Brammer says young people are often a target before they become smart consumers, but he says they’re also pitching the program to older Iowans too. Brammer says they hope to educate people about scams and he says they ask for the public’s help in ending scams. He says they ask that you call the A-G’s consumer protection division if you think you may’ve been scammed.

He says it may be a scam that they’re familiar with and they’ll give you advice. Brammer says it helps to have complaints so they can see if there is a pattern or something they haven’t heard about. Miller says you can find the number for the Attorney General’s office in the phone book. National Consumer Protection week runs through Saturday.