From “American Idol” to the Grammys, several Iowans will likely be spotlighted on national TV tonight (Wednesday). Hit singer Kelly Clarkson was a waitress in Texas before winning the first “Idol” contest in 2002 and Megan Bobo hopes to follow Clarkson to stardom.

Bobo’s a 23-year-old University of Iowa grad from Des Moines who survived three videotaped “Idol” auditions, one of which is expected to air tonight on Fox. Over on C-B-S, tonight’s Grammy Awards will feature Des Moines-based Slipknot, up for Best Metal Performance for this single called “Before I Forget,” while the band, The Killers, featuring Pella native Dave Keuning on guitar, is vying for Best Pop Performance for “Mr. Brightside.”