The Jasper County Attorney is stepping out of the prosecution of the attempted murder trial of 18-year-old Rachel Marie Huggins of Colo, who is accused of shooting correctional officer Peter Sciarotta. Walt Winston reports Jasper County made the move to avoid a conflict of interest after a request for information from Huggins’ attorney.

Huggins attorney Maggi Moss filed motions requesting that the state provide all written statements and physical evidence that might be brought forth at the trial. Moss also requested any documents from an investigation conducted by the Iowa Department of Corrections against Tammi Huggins who is employed at the Newton Correctional Facility that was allegedly initiated by Sciarrotta and 13 other corrections officers.

Moss also requested all investigative notes, reports or files maintained by the Jasper County Attorney’s Office and Department of Human Services regarding complaints field by Rachel Huggins against Sciarotta which included a search of Sciarotta’s home in 2004 after Huggins had accused Sciarotta of inappropriate sexual behavior when the girl was 14 or 15 years old. Authorities took several items from Sciarotta’s home including photographs and a computer, but no charges were filed, because police say there was not enough evidence to merit the filing of criminal charges against Sciarotta.