A winter storm warning remains in effect for parts of Iowa until six o’clock tonight. National Weather Service forecaster Gary Forster says the worst of the storm is hitting north of Highway 30. He says the snow is a little lighter but there’s another couple of bands that may give an additional two inches to the area.

Forster says there’s also much colder air and winds coming through that will make it “very unpleasant” after we had 50 and 60-degree temperatures a few days ago. Forster says the winds will combine with the snow and create dangerous situations. Forster says talking to people in northern Iowa, they say the winds are already causing some reduction in visibility due to blowing.

Forster says the white stuff will keep things in the deep freeze. He says the fresh snow cover and clear skies will combine with cold Canadian air and keep the temperatures below normal with lows from Des Moines to the north from zero to 15-below zero. He says highs will be from zero into the teens this weekend. Forster says things will warm a bit into the 20’s next week.There’s a winter weather advisory in effect for central Iowa and a freezing rain advisory in effect for southern Iowa.