The state’s largest grocery story chain is publicly supporting bills in both houses of the legislature to require the registration of beer kegs sold in Iowa. Hy-Vee spokesperson Ruth Comer says up until now they’ve haven’t taken a stand one way or the other on the issue. She says, “Now at a time that’s crucial for the passage of this law, we think it’s important to step forward and let people know that we support it. That we don’t think it would be a major inconvenience to retailers. And that it would give law enforcement another tool they could use to both prevent underage drinking, and find the people responsible for providing bear to underage drinkers.”

Comer says the Hy-Vee support is based in part from their experience in their 18 stores in Nebraska where there is a keg ordinance. She says their stores in Nebraska don’t have a problem with it. Comer says it’s just a matter of filling out some paperwork.

Comer says not every Hy-Vee store sells kegs. She says it’s up to the individual stores and the demand in their area. Hy-Vee has 103 grocery stores and 23 drug stores in Iowa. The Iowa Department of Public Safety as well as local law enforcement agencies are pushing for the keg registration as a way to track and help prevent underage drinking.