Iowa State coach Wayne Morgan says the Cyclones don’t have enough time to feel sorry for themselves. I-S-U is 4-8 in the Big-12 after losing a seven point lead in the final 70-seconds in an 83-82 loss at Oklahoma. They host Oklahoma State on Wednesday night.

I-S-U coach Wayne Morgan says they’ll look at the tape and study to see what they have to do to win. He says it’s like being a gunfighter,”If you’re in a gunfight and the guy next to you gets shot and so you lay over his body four weeks, somebody’s gonna shoot you in the head.” Morgan says they have to go out and keep fighting.

The Cyclones cannot dwell on that game too much or it may cost them the next one. Morgan says when you win a big game, you can’t come home and be so infatuated with yourself that you lose the next fame.
The Cyclones are 14-11 overall.