Residents of Hamilton County got a look at the new ethanol plant in Jewell today (Friday) during an open house. Jeff Broin leads the Broin Company of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, which built the Horizon energy plant. He says this is one of the “most technologically advance, economically enhanced, environmentally friendly” ethanol plants in the company.

Iowa Congressman Tom Latham was on hand for the open house. Latham says this is “what we’ve all been working for, for years and years.” Latham says the 21-million bushels of corn being used, the 60-million gallons of ethanol that’ll be produced and the 40 jobs the plant creates are “critical.” Monte Shaw of the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association also spoke. He says this is the 22nd ethanol plant to be built in Iowa.
Ground was broken for the plant in April and it’s expected to be in full operation in the next couple of weeks.