The latest Manpower Employment Outlook Survey shows good news for the state.
Manpower’s Michael Lynch says a survey of Iowa’s largest city gives a good view of what’s happening in the state. Lynch says they found from April to June, 43-percent of the companies interviewed plan to hire more employees, while only three-precent expect to reduce their payrolls.

Lynch says things have been ramping up on the business scene for the past six months if not the last year. He says across the board in industry there’s positive growth with the only exception the non-durable goods and the finance/real estate category.

Lynch compares Iowa to the rest of the country, saying Iowa looks strong, while the rest of the country has looked “fairly positive’. Lynch says when you take those who want to add jobs compared to those who will cut jobs — you get a net 33-percent increase. Lynch says job seeker should find many potential jobs available.