First District Congressional candidate Rick Dickinson says lawyers and lobbyists took good care of themselves at the expense of senior citizens in creating the Medicare “D” plan. Dickinson, a Democrat from Dubuque, is offering recommendations to make the plan better, including eliminating or extending the May 15th enrollment deadline. He says seniors don’t have the information or access to it right now to make good decisions.

Dickinson says since pharmaceutical companies have been allowed to change the formulas every 60 days, it’s a moving target, so the date needs to be pushed back and seniors need a chance to be able to change plans more than once a year. He outlines what he says is a key difference between himself and some of his primary opponents.

Dickinson says he does not see Canadian drugs as part of the solution to high drug costs. He says Iowans don’t want Canadian drugs — they want Canadian drug prices. He wants to authorize Medicare to administer the program and bargain with drug companies for lower prices. He says he’s been holding Medicare-D community hearings for several weeks throughout the district. He says Medicare-D needs to work as well as the “A” and “B” plans.

Republican Jim Nussle, who is running for governor, currently holds the first district seat. Other Democrats in the congressional race include: Bruce Braley of Waterloo, Michael Anderson of Dubuque, and Bill Gluba of Davenport. Republicans include: Mike Whalen of Davenport, State Representative Bill Dix of Shell Rock, and Brian Kennedy of Bettendorf.