The Iowa Utilities Board has taken the first step in equalizing the electric rates charged in Interstate Power and Light Company’s four territories in Iowa. Board spokesman Rob Hillesland says the four territories paid different rates as the electric business changed. Hillesland says “these long existing rate disparities resulted from past mergers and the acquisitions of utilities that had different rate structures.”

Hillesland says the Utilities Board hopes to gradually bring all the rates to one level — with the first changes made by June 30th. He says they set a target goal of trying to do that over five years to equalize the rates while trying to minimize the impact on customers.

Hillesland can’t says how each individual will be impacted by the change, as he says it depends on where you live. Hillesland says, “There could be a quite a bit of disparity in how it impacts individual customers.” He recommends everyone look closely at their monthly bills once this happens.

Hillesland says the Utilities Board is trying to help ease in the change as much as possible. He says the board has directed the company to file a plan on explaining the changes to customers. Hillesland says you should watch for information on the changes. Hillesland says the written order in the case will be available on the board website by April 30. The website is: