An official with the Internal Revenue Service says you might be eligible to file your federal return electronically for a free. Bert Dumars, the head of Electronic Tax Administration for the I-R-S, says the program is called “free file.”

He says there is a cap of 50-thousand dollars adjusted gross income, but he says it’s a good place to start. Dumars says the free file process also has other benefits. He says three of the members offer to file state returns free too, and seven of them will file an extension for free.

You can find out about the free file program on the I-R-S website at:www-dot-I-R-S-dot-gov ( Dumars says there are still thousands of people who don’t e-file their taxes — but he can’t pinpoint one reason why. He says there are a variety of reasons, maybe they’ve never done it before.

Dumars says even some preparers who’ve done taxes for years don’t e-file because they’ve just never done it. Dumars says one of the biggest benefits of e-filing is knowing it’s done. Dumars says you get an acknowledgment letting you know the I-R-S has received the return and you can consider it done.

The I-R-S expects Iowans to file more than 391-thousand federal tax returns in the remaining days of the tax filing season. Thus far, approximately 71 percent of all Iowa returns have been received. The deadline to file your federal tax return has been bumped to next Monday (March 17), since April 15th falls on a Saturday.

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