While the federal tax-filing deadline is here, the state deadline isn’t until May 1st. Renee Mulvey of the Iowa Department of Revenue says many people have already sent in their state returns. Mulvey says they’ve gotten around one-million returns in and there are still some 400-thousand expected.

Mulvey says the federal tax deadline will see a lot more Iowans sending in their state taxes as they have both done at the same time. She says they get a huge surge at the beginning of the year and them they expect another “massive batch” with the federal due date. Mulvee says many people are going the electronic route in filing their state tax returns.

Mulvey says e-filing is at 76-percent, which is up three percent from this time last year. Mulvey says the state does have free tax filing services for some. She says people who make less than 50-thousand a year can go through the state’s website and file both their federal and state income taxes at no charge.

The state changed the withholding rates this year, so Mulvey says there’ll be less refund checks in the mail. Mulvey says there are more people playing in. She says if you have to pay, go to your employer and get an Iowa “W-four” form and adjust your withholding so you don’t have to pay next year. For more information on filing your state taxes, surf to: www.state.ia.us/tax.