Cedar Rapids police say a North Liberty man is in custody for the Sunday night murders of two young women. The bodies of 18-year-old Katrina Hill of Solon and 18-year-old Molly Edmondson of Cedar Rapids were found in Edmondson’s apartment near Kirkwood Community College. Police say both were dead from multiple stab wounds.

Nineteen-year-old Kyle Marin is being held on two counts of first-degree murder. Police Sergeant Cristy Hamblin says the suspect and one of the victims were “acquaintances.” Marin and Edmondson knew each other but the nature of their relationship is still unclear. Edmondson and Hall were both students at Kirkwood but they were not roommates. Edmondson was a native of Columbus Junction.

The bodies were found by police about 5:30 Sunday night. Sergeant Hamblin says Marin turned himself in about 90 minutes later. She says “I wish that most of our suspects would turn themselves in. It would make our job easier. It was a little unusual that he turned himself in but we’re happy he did.” These mark the second and third murders this year in Cedar Rapids.