Authorities confirm a southwest Iowa doctor was arrested Sunday on a drunk driving charge, his second O-W-I in six months. Doctor Ted Bonebrake of Creston had his medical license indefinitely suspended due to alcoholism. Bonebrake -had- practiced at Creston’s Greater Regional Medical Center but hospital C-E-O Monte Neitzel says Bonebrake is done there.

Neitzel says Bonebrake “cannot practice in the state of Iowa. Some people have told me that’s going to come shortly but…that is not the case. His license is still suspended by the Iowa Board of Medical Examiners. His medical staff privileges at Greater Regional are terminated.”

Neitzel says the action is spelled out in the hospital’s staff by-laws, making the termination automatic and it is -not- related to the Sunday arrest. Neitzel says despite gossip at the coffee shop, Bonebreak’s “privileges are terminated. He doesn’t have any right to get a rehearing back from us. The only way that could occur is if it’s appealed to the board of trustees and they will not have a recommendation from the med staff.” Neitzel says the hospital has been more than fair with Bonebrake.

The 40-year-old Bonebrake was also charged with drunk driving after a crash in December in Jasper County near Newton. His medical license was suspended in January because of that accident. The state Board of Medical Examiners said Bonebrake had violated his medical license probation by repeatedly drinking alcohol since 2003.