Producers are setting up to shoot a film in the eastern Iowa town of Norway, just southwest of Cedar Rapids. The movie will be called “The Final Season” and will center on the Norway High School baseball team, which was cut by the Benton Community Schools in 1991. That same year, the team won the state championship. Norway Mayor Gary Butz says he’s glad the film will be shot there.

Butz says “It’s some recognition for the town, for a town that’s had a long career with baseball history.” The field where the team played its last home game will be the setting for the film. The diamond is still used by youth leagues. Not everyone is in favor of the movie being shot there, due to rumors about the storyline.

Resident Hannah Brecht isn’t sure it’ll all be good. Brecht says “It might give us a reason maybe to brag but I don’t think we’ll brag that much, I’m just saying.” Norway High School won 20 state championships in all but without a team, many residents say a part of the town died. Now, they hope the movie will help bring that part of Norway back to life.