This is national “Law Day” and the Iowa Bar Association is taking part in the effort to educate people about the law. Bar Association communications director Steve Boeckman says one of today’s events was a three-lawyer panel that talked with Johnston High School students about their rights as they reach legal age.

He says they talked about rights related to drinking and driving, possession of controlled substances, and entering into contracts such as credit cards. Boeckman says the attorneys used a book written to show students how the law can protect them — but also how they need to observe the law as adults.
He says the book title is “Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities” and that’s what the lawyers talked about.

Boeckeman says the law impacts everyone, every day. Boeckman says some people are probably more aware of the impact than others, but he says “it’s and attempt by a civilized society to foster and promote harmony, and the ability to get along with each other.” Boeckman says you can find out more about Iowa law and lawyers by surfing to:, or by calling the Iowa Bar Association at 515-243-3179.

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