A possible new lead has developed in the case of missing Mason City TV anchor Jodi Huisentruit. A Hancock County man who has a cabin on Eagle Lake near Britt has wondered about a grave-shaped digging near his cabin that appeared just days after Huisentruit disappeared 11 years ago.

Duane Arnold last month paid an engineering firm two-thousand dollars to survey Eagle Lake with ground-penetrating radar. Some of the survey’s results have come back, with a possible hit in the area Arnold is questioning. Officials with National G-P-R Services say the area has the right look because it has the shape and boundary characteristics of a burial.

Hancock County Sheriff Scott Dodd says he’ll analyze the new information and make a decision soon on possibly digging up the area. Mason City police investigators say portions of Eagle Lake were already dug up a few years ago as part of a possible lead on the case, but Arnold says they didn’t check this spot and need to check again.