Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Blouin today (Monday) announced five-hundred “empowered” women have endorsed his campaign. Andy McGuire is Blouin’s runningmate and she backs abortion rights. McGuire says she and these other women “trust” Blouin on the abortion issue.

“There are lots of issues we’re involved with. Choice is one of them and we trust Mike Blouin on all those issues,” McGuire says. McGuire says most women base their vote on a variety of factors, and Blouin is a candidate who can bring “factions” together.

“Women are multi-faceted,” McGuire says. “They’re worried about all the issues.” Blouin, who is pro-life, has repeatedly said that if he’s elected governor, he will not allow current Iowa laws governing abortion to be changed. “I think my position on abortion is very acceptable to the overwhelming majority of Iowans,” Blouin says.

Blouin’s rival Chet Culver has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood, the first time the organization has endorsed a candidate in an Iowa primary. Ed Fallon, the other leading Democrat in the race, backs abortion rights.