A drug-sniffing dog from central Iowa has won a top award in a Midwest canine competition. Poweshiek County Sheriff’s deputy Matt Muschman and his partner-dog Kilo beat out 38 other teams from around the region in a law enforcement contest in North Dakota.

Deputy Muschman says Kilo did very well, winning the narcotics division by ten seconds by finding two “hides” in three rooms and then three vehicles were set up with two hides and she found both of those. With combined scores in three different events, Kilo and Muschman took the “top detector” award at the annual event.

Muschman says the dog is doing wonderfully in the field too. He says the dog knows what she’s doing, it’s been more of a case of him learning how to read her signals when she’s discovered something. The Poweshiek County team won at last week’s Midwest Canine Training Alternatives in Devils Lake, North Dakota.