Someone who works under the golden dome of the state capitol may be holding a golden Powerball ticket — maybe a state lawmaker. The Iowa Lottery says a Powerball ticket worth 200-thousand dollars from Wednesday’s drawing was sold at the Lucas Cafeteria in the Lucas State Office building directly east of the statehouse.

Cafeteria manager Lonnie Harmon says his customers come from all over the capitol complex. He says customers come from the capitol, the Hoover Building, Grimes and Lucas building.

The winner has yet to come forward, but Harmon says a state worker, or workers is likely holding the winning ticket. Harmon says it’s probably “99-percent sure” that the winner is a state employee. The ticket just missed the jackpot, matching five of the six numbers drawn. Harmon says getting a winner will likely make more people buy tickets at the cafeteria.

Harmon says he’s sure it will increase sales and when people come in to buy lottery tickets, they buy other things to so, “It makes me happy.” The Lucas Cafeteria has sold lottery tickets for about three years. No one picked the correct numbers to win the jackpot, which will move to 28-million for the Saturday drawing.