A man jailed in Ames is accused of holding a teenage girl in his apartment against her will. Ames police commander Randy Kessell says a 911 call Monday morning brought police to an apartment just south of the Iowa State University campus, in the Campustown neighborhood. Kessell says it was an old building that had been made into individual apartments, with a few common rooms.

The young woman had climbed out a window and called for help. The 911 caller told police that the woman was naked and partially bound. Officers arrived at the apartment house to find a man running away and Kessell says they chased him down.

Ames Police arrested 21-year-old Michael Vincent Schweiger on charges of kidnapping and sexual assault. The young woman had been staying there at the man’s apartment for the last two weeks according to investigators. “It wasn’t like she was abducted from the street,” Commander Kessell says.

Police questioning the victim learned she’s a minor. According to police, the victim’s under 18 and was in a nearby town when she was introduced to the man by an acquaintance of both. The officer says she’s in custody while they check the status of a report that she may be a runaway.