Officials at the University of Iowa say a risque picture of freshmen baseball players posted on an on-line student directory was not part of a hazing incident.

University of Iowa officials say the picture showed five freshmen baseball players who were singing the “Iowa Fight Song. ” The players were nude, but had their baseball caps strategically place to cover their genitals.

A caption on the website suggested the photo was part of an initiation rite. Photos of various mens’ and womens’ sports teams across the country involved in hazing activities have generated a lot of discussion on the issue.

University of Iowa President David Skorton however issued a statement saying interviews with the players revealed the photo was not part of a hazing incident — but Skorton does say “these student-athletes showed bad judgment by participating in an activity that clearly falls short of our expectation that student-athletes conduct themselves on and off the playing fields with the highest levels of integrity and dignity.”

Skorton says the university would have preferred this did not happen, but Skorton says it can be a learning experience not only for the members of the baseball team, but also for all of our student-athletes and coaches. Skorton says he now considers the matter to be closed.