A Des Moines pastor’s charged with shooting a mentally challenged boy with an air gun. Sergeant Todd Dykstra says police got the report on Monday that parents noticed signs their son had been hit with a B-B gun. “That occurred when the challenged individual was being bathed,” Dykstra says.

Police believe the shooting happened during the day when the boy was away from his home. The boy stays with a caregiver, and was outside playing that day when the boy knocked on the door of a neighboring house. The man who lives there, a preacher, came to the door.

Fifty-one-year-old David L. Reasby told the boy not to do that any more and went back inside. The boy knocked on the door again, and Reasby came out and told him to stop. Cops say as the child was walking away when he was shot twice, in the back. The boy did not suffer serious injuries and witnesses tell police the man had only a BB gun.

Before becoming a pastor, Dykstra confirms, Reasby was in law enforcement. In January 2000 Reasby became a reserve police officer with the Des Moines police department, but later was arrested for an assault charge not related to his duties. A committee convened in 2004 decided his behavior was not suitable for a reserve police officer and he was fired. Today Reasby is pastor of the Lighthouse Full Gospel Baptist Church in Des Moines.