Buoyed by a strong third-place finish in Tuesday’s primary vote, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed Fallon is fielding job offers. “My life is committed to public service,” Fallon says. “That doesn’t necessarily mean through the political process. I may be doing something outside the political meanstream. I’m not sure. I’ve got plenty of options, plenty of connections, plenty of ideas.”

Speaking of connections, Fallon has received phone calls from potential presidential candidates like former First Lady Hillary Clinton who’s now a New York Senator and Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold. Both are potential presidential candidates in 2008.

Fallon, who is 48, holds a degree in religion from Drake University and has been a state representative for the past 14 years. “I did a lot better than the pundits thought I would do,” Fallon says of his finish Tuesday night. “A lot, lot better.”

Fallon vows to continue working on the issues he outlined in the campaign — such as campaign finance reform. Fallon says he’s got to tie up a lot of loose ends from the campaign first before he makes a decision on the next phase of his life.