The sale of Iowa football season tickets have increased for the fifth straight year and at some point the sale of season tickets could be suspended. With the second phase of the renovation of Kinnick Stadium near completion the entire stadium was re-seated with a process that allowed fans to chose their seats. That process was completed on Thursday.

U-of-I ticket manager David Sandstrum says they are well ahead of last year’s pace in which they sold 40 thousand 340 season tickets. He says they’re right where he thought they’d be at, maybe a little higher than expected.

Re-seating an entire stadium is a huge undertaking but Sandstrum says it went as well as they could have hoped for. He says the preplanning they did made it easy for the fans. Sandstrum says it was the most difficult path to take, but he says it was the right way to do it and it went smoothly.

The next process is the sale of season tickets to new members of the National I-Club. That begins on Tuesday.