Lieutenant Governor Sally Pederson is embarking on a tour of 18 different communities across the state to try and give a boost to tourism at the official start of summer. Pederson says her tour is to let Iowans know there are a lot of things they can do in the state.

As the cost of gasoline has gone up, Pederson says Iowans have changed their thinking about travel. Pederson says people are interested in shorter vacations and she says they’re interested in value. Pederson says this trip will show people how to find value with trips in the state.

Pederson will begin her trip in Perry on Thursday and end up in Ottumwa on Sunday.
Pederson says her first tour in 2001 was intended to introduce people to “treasures” around the state and she says the things have only gotten better. Pederson’s trip includes a bluegrass jam in Council Bluffs, a winery in Newton and a ballgame in Burlington.