Two internationally-acclaimed directors are announcing plans to shoot a film in and around Davenport this summer. Pupi Avati and his brother Antonio made the movie “Bix” about jazz legend Bix Biederbecke in the Quad Cities in 1990. The still-untitled new film will be a mystery-thriller.

Thom Hart, president of the Quad-City Development Group, says it’ll feature Italian, British and American actors and will be released worldwide sometime next year. Hart says the film will bring recognition and interest to the region as images from the Quad Cities will be seen around the world in the film. Also, local talent will be used in the production, with shooting during August.

Production costs are expected to be in the millions of dollars. The film will be in English and will star renowned Italian actress Laura Morante. Hart hopes to attract other movie producers to the area. He says Davenport is a good place to do business where it’s cheaper than much of the rest of the U.S. and world in manufacturing, logistics and filmmaking.

The Avatis also plan to sponsor a film festival in the Quad Cities later this year. The Avatis may be best known for the movie “American Love” which was also shot, in part, in the Quad Cities. It starred Brooke Shields in the early 1990s.