Thunderstorms are in the forecast for much of Iowa today (Wednesday). Angela Oder (rhymes odor) with the National Weather Service says during a thunderstorm, you need to be just as careful indoors as you are outdoors.

Many people think it’s safe to stand outside on their enclosed porch and watch the lightning. Oder says — think again. Don’t go outside and look at the lightning, or even stay in the porch and think you’re safe.

Stay inside and away from windows and doors — especially those with metal frames. Anything metal in the house, anything connected to its wiring or plumbing, is something you should stay away from.

While you’re indoors waiting out the electrical storm, she recommends you hold off on phone calls, and tell the kids to stay off the computer and gaming system. Stay away from anything plugged into the wall, including appliances, phones and the TV. They’re connected to the electrical wiring that will conduct all the power from any lightning strike that hits the house and carries all that current down to the ground. If you’re holding onto a video-game controller, it could strike you.

Lightning kills an average of 67 people every year and injures more than 300. This is National Lightning Awareness Week designated by the National Weather Service.