It has been nearly one year since the death of five-year-old Evelyn Miller– and while there’s not been an arrest in the case — Floyd County authorities say they’re keeping a positive attitude about the investigation. Floyd County Attorney Marilyn Dettmer says they’re still looking at every lead that comes into her department.

Dettmer says citizens and the media ask her if this is a “cold case” and she says “nothing could be further from the truth.” Dettmer says the beginning of the investigation made it difficult for authorities to immediately begin searching for the killer. Dettmer says they were operating against two competing issues, was Miller missing, was she harmed. Dettmer says by the time they started accumulating evidence, the were already behind.

Dettmer says it has been an emotional case because it deals with the death of a small child. Dettmer says, “I don’t think anybody on the outside could put any more pressure on us than we do to ourselves.” Dettmer says “it’s akin to a rollercoaster ride” as they get excited with new leads and let down when they don’t pan out.

Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation Director Gene Meyer says his department is always looking into new tips that come in. Meyer says they not only look at new leads, but the also look back at what they’ve already done. He says some of the new information proves to be good, some of it doesn’t.

Meyer says investigators aren’t letting up. He says it’s “still a very active investigation.” Meyer says it won’t become a cold case until there are not “good solid investigative leads to pursue.” Meyer says if anyone thinks they may have some information in Miller’s case, they need to step forward and tell authorities.

Meyer says it’s a well known case across the state, but he says often people may not come forward because they think their information isn’t important. Meyer says you should let police decide if the information is relevant, as the information might be a piece of a bigger puzzle that helps them solve the case. Miller turned up missing last July 1st and her body was found five days later in the Cedar River. Police say foul play was involved, but have not revealed any of the details on the cause of Miller’s death.