With the holiday that honors America coming up, state troopers are focusing on a stretch of roadway that links the country from coast to coast. Iowa State Patrol spokesman Jim Saunders says troopers are conducting a “zero tolerance” day on Interstate 80.

Saunders says the Iowa State Patrol is joining troopers from California through the U.S. to New Jersey to focus on reducing the number of accidents on I-80. Saunders says there’ll be extra troopers out in most states. He says they’re looking for violations deemed to be “primary collision factors,” such as speeding, following to close, unsafe lane changes, driving under the influence of alcohol.

Saunders says troopers along I-80 in Iowa see what America is like. Saunders says it’s a very diverse stretch of roadway because it traverses the U.S. and carries traffic with people from all over the world. Saunders says the zero tolerance on I-80 program runs today (Friday) only, but other special enforcement actions will run through the weekend.