A safety officer with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources says if the weather’s good, you’ll have plenty of company out on the rivers and lakes this weekend. Rod slings says with all that boat traffic you should be aware of some new laws. Slings says if you leave the scene of a boat crash and you’re involved and someone is killed, you can be charged with a felony. Slings says there was a hit-and-run boating accident a couple of weeks ago and three last year. He says if there’s an accident, gather as much information at the scene as you can. There’s also a new law for some popular north Iowa lakes. He says there’s a 25-miles-an-hour nighttime speed limit on Okoboji and Dickinson county lakes. Slings says warm weather could really bring out the boaters. Slings says the Fourth of July holiday is usually the busiest for boaters. Slings has some simple safety rules. He says pay attention at all times and check your safety equipment. Slings says it’s important that you have a life jacket for everyone on the boat. Slings says you should also wear the life jacket, as it does you no good if you’re in the water and the life jacket is in the boat. Slings says you should also not drink and drive your boat because officers will be patrolling looking for drunk boaters.