The Safe Kids Iowa Coalition is asking adults to keep kids away from the danger of fireworks this 4th of July holiday. Safe Kids coordinator Brandi Thompson says more than four-thousand children under the age of 14 are treated in U-S emergency rooms each year for injuries involving fireworks. Thompson says, “Fireworks are truly meant for adults, we certainly don’t want to see our children playing with fireworks.” Thompson says there’s too much potential for problems with amateurs who use fireworks. She says bottle rockets and roman candles are illegal and nobody should be using them — especially children. Thompson says fingers and hands of kids suffer the most injuries when using fireworks. Thompson says there are also injuries to the eyes and head and there can be amputations and blindness brought on by fireworks injuries. Thompson says even if you use legal fireworks, such as sparklers and snakes, you should take some precautions. Thompson says your kids need to know what to do if their clothes catch fire. She says you should review the “stop, drop and roll” procedures and have phone handy. Thompson says children should know how to call for emergency help. Thompson says if you think ahead, you can prevent some big problems. She says make sure that no one is wearing loose or flowing clothing that could get into a flame. Thompson says a major factor in keeping things safe is to have enough adult supervision. And she says the safest way to enjoy fireworks is to go to a professional display in your community.