Republican House Speaker Christopher Rants of Sioux City predicts the House will easily override the governor’s veto of property rights legislation when lawmakers return to Des Moines for a special session on the issue. “I feel optimistic that the votes will be there to override,” Rants says. “Back in May when we passed it, (House members) either meant it when they voted for it or they didn’t. We’ll find out next Friday if they did.” The bill passed the House with 89 “yes” votes from Democrats as well as Republicans. The top-ranking Democrat in the Iowa Senate, though, isn’t making any predictions about next Friday’s special session. Senate Co-Leader Mike Gronstal of Council Bluffs says he has a “sense” of what will happen, but will only say publicly that several options are on the table. “I have ruled out no possibility,” Gronstal says. “We are willing to consider working with the governor on legislation that would clarify some areas. We are willing to consider a moratorium. We are willing to consider a veto override.” In early June, Vilsack vetoed a bill that would make it tougher for local governments to seize private property for economic development. Vilsack charged that the bill would hurt development efforts, but the bill’s backers say property owners need broader protections from city councils and county boards of supervisors that condemn land and then turn it over to private developers.Gronstal and Rants made their comments on IPTV’s “Iowa Press” program which airs this evening.