The hot temperatures we’re seeing across Iowa, not only impact people, but also fish. Kevin Baskins of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources says the heat is one of several factors that can lead to a fish kill.

Baskins says we’re in the time of the year when there are low water flows, combined with the heat, there’s a lot of pressure on the oxygen flow to fish. He says it takes less contamination that normal to cause a fish kill. Baskins says any accident that leads to a spill into a lake or stream is magnified.

Baskins says people need to be especially cautious about the things that can get into streams, as the oxygen in the water can get used up quickly. Baskins also encourages you to call in anything that looks out of the ordinary in the water. He says if you see a fish kill or discoloration of the water, you should call in as soon as possible.

Baskins says it’s important that investigators get to the scene quickly to be able to determine the cause of a fish kill. Baskins says you should call your local D-N-R office if you see something unusual.