A southeast Iowa community is getting wide recognition. The national magazine “Mother Earth News” has listed Fairfield as one of the “12 Greatest Places You’ve Never Heard Of” in their August issue.

Fairfield Mayor Ed Malloy says it is a great honor to be listed with the other communities. Malloy says “I think when you compare it to some of the other towns and cities mentioned, I think we’re in good company, and it really reflects well on our community.” Malloy believes that the designation will continue to add to the mystique and interest for the city’s growing tourism industry.

“I think this designation will help keep Fairfield’s name in front of people who are interested in coming to see what we have to offer in our community.” Mother Earth News acknowledged Fairfield as having more restaurants per capita than San Francisco, influence from Maharishi University of Management, as well as having more than 25 art galleries through out the community.