A spokesperson for a child safety group says you should take your kids with you and resist the urge to leave them in the car when you’re out and about. Melissa Wardell of “Safe Kids Iowa” says the inside of a car is a hot box this time of year.

She says even on days where there are more mild temperatures in the 70’s the temperature inside a car can go higher than outside rather quickly. On a 90-degree day, Wardell says the temperature inside the car can go to 120 degrees in minutes. Wardell says it doesn’t take long for the heat to get to a kid.

Wardell says a child’s body heats up three to four times faster than an adult’s body. Wardell says your child could still get too warm when the car windows are down. She says even with the windows cracked, the temperature inside the vehicle is still much hotter than outside.

Wardell says leaving the windows open makes your child vulnerable to predators. She says someone outside the car could get into the car and take your kids, or take your car with your kids. Some people leave their kids in the car with the motor running and the air conditioner on.

Wardell says that’s not okay either, as you should never leave your kids alone in a car. Wardell says a car that’s running is an invitation to someone who wants to steal the car. Wardell says it’s much safer to take some extra time and take your kids with you when you’re out shopping, or running errands.