Money Magazine reviewed the average commute times in cities with 50,000 or more residents, and Dubuque, Iowa, came out on top — or the bottom, depending how you look at it.

The average person living in Dubuque spends just under 12 minutes driving to work everyday. It means many people in Dubuque spend far less time behind the wheel every morning than in other cities. Even visitors to Dubuque notice the difference. “I find that things are much easier to get around through here,” one recent Dubuque visitor said. “Much easier.”

But Rick Dickinson, head of Greater Dubuque Development, says he and other city leaders worry about the delays along Highway 20 as it runs through Dubuque and the stop lights along that stretch of highway which back up traffic. “This city is looking at reducing the density on Dodge Street/Highway 20,” Dickinson says. “Trying to relieve what little traffic we have.”